January 16, 2013

Dennis Kucinich, liar and Faux News 'token'

Dennis Kucinich/AP photo via Buzzfeed
Note to Denny the Dwarf. Be honest, take the Faux News money, and admit it's because you don't have a real job now since having been redistricted out of your Congressional seat and deciding not to run in Washington state.

Do NOT claim that you're not going to be a token. Because you are.

And, true progressives, who at one time wondered if you might run as the Green Party presidential candidate, are now, instead, watching your stature continue to shrink. So to speak. 

BuzzFeed itself is laughable in claiming that former Faux contributor Evan Bayh is a liberal. Even more laughable when it had to scramble for the name of Bob Beckel as another liberal to list alongside of Bayh.

Who? Yeah, I had to Google Bob Beckel myself. Anybody who wants to extrajudicially shoot Julian Assange, and is "red meat" enough to call someone not a citizen of the United States a "traitor" is no liberal.

You're a token, Dennis. (Of course, given the fold like a cheap suit nature of your House Progressive Caucus best buds, you're in good company with talking tough but selling short.)

Per claims about Beckel and Bayh pulling punches on Faux, let's see how short your arms really are. Heh, heh.

Gimme five years, and we'll be calling Denny the Dwarf a neoliberal. Even better, gimme five years and hopefully he'll be so faded off the radar screen we won't be calling him (for) anything.

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