April 04, 2012

Wipe that smug look off your face #SteveJobs

And, the rest of you Appleholics, too.

Your OS X Macs may be MORE LIKELY to get viruses than Windoze machines.

Now, I've used Macs myself for years. But, starting really with Windows 98, the Microsoft folks, with every other iteration of operating systems, closed the user-friendly gap with Apple more and more. XP was a notable step forward. Then came Windows 7, which loads faster than most Mac OS versions, even the almost-latest. And, of course, is cheaper.

And, safer, for the non-smug.

Now, I'm engaging in a stereotype. Not all  Mac users are so smug about their computers. But, enough are to perpetuate these stereotypes.

Update: 600K Macs already affected by a Trojan.

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