April 03, 2012

Play ball! MLB 2012 thoughts

First, let's get out of the way my true fandom cry that the St Louis Cardinals are going to win the World Series.

While they're more likely to do that than about 17 or 18 other MLB teams, they're less likely to do that than 11 or 12 others. In fact, I'm not so sure they even make the playoffs.

First, via Yahoo, here's one set of projections.

I disagree on several counts, starting with the NL.

In the East, I put the Phillies ahead of the Braves. In the Central, I don't see the Cards getting a wild-card slot. And, in the West, I put the Giants and Rockies both in the postseason, even while cursing the second wild-card idea.

(Please, Bud: Two divisions per league, no year-round interleague play, keep the Stros in the NL, and let both wild-cards in a four-team playoffs come from the same division.)

In the AL? I see Yankees and Rays in the East, Tigers in the Central, yes, but Angels ahead of Rangers in the West. A certain Albert Pujols will see to that, and will rebound from last year's injuries, in more of a hitters park, to bop .320, with 45 HRs, slugging back above .600 and OPS back over 1.000. You heard it here.

Giants win NL, with timely, tight postseason pitching. Angels win AL. Repeat 2002 WS all the way down to an Angels' win, with Pujols making Cards' hearts weep and out-Bondsing Barry Bonds in the Bay.

Yes, that last part is a bit Hollywoodish. But, certainly possible. And, I do believe Pujols will do at least what I predicted. Especially with a big chip on his shoulder.

And, Jim Caple and one other person at ESPN agree with me. Not sure about three ESPNers picking the Cards to make it, and two to win it, but .... 

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