April 07, 2012

Green Party of Texas news - looks good

Per fellow Texas blogger Perry Diddle, who's already done the legwork, here's some updates on where things stand.

First, the Dems can't even challenge incumbent justices of the Texas Supreme Court this fall? Greens are. That's part of 56 Green candidacies, including 20 for statewide elections. Perry also notes that because Greens have one (or more) candidates in five of those statewide offices where Democrats have nobody, that should guarantee continuing statewide party-line ballot access. Thanks, Dems!

That is especially good news for 2014. If Dems nominate another lame-o for governor and Greens have a real option, that person will get a big boost from party ballot listing.

Back to those 20 statewide races.

The Green Party of Texas will elect its U.S. Senate candidate, in a contest between David Bruce Collins and Victoria Ann Zabaras, and presidential delegates to its national convention at the statewide conclave, to be held in San Antonio on June 9-10.

Hmm. Maybe I'll bop in.

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