March 18, 2012

Why not just call it "Palestine"?

Peter Beinart, in a generally good op-ed calling for a selective boycott of modern Israel, decries it calling its main occupied territory "Judea and Samaria" as well as others, including the New York Times in which he is writing, calling it "the West Bank."

He then proposes a clunker, "non-democratic Israel."

It's a country with an elected government.

It has a name.

It's called "Palestine." Already.

Why can't the mainstream media (the Associated Press is another egregious offender) do the same?

It's in order to avoid offending Zionists in the U.S.

We know that.

Robert Wright has more on Beinart's column, including noting that Beinart is a Zionist.  (But, apparently, not enough of one for The New Republic, or even  close, with this stance.)

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