March 18, 2012

Hail to the new Torturer in Chief Obama?

Hmm. Seems like Preznit Look Forward, Not Backward, may have yet more of Bush's War on Terra continuity on his hands.

U.S. troops surrendering captured Afghans to sites where it's known people are tortured?
"There is compelling evidence that at least some U.S. forces or personnel continue to transfer individuals to NDS Kandahar despite not only a widely acknowledged risk of torture but also evidence that detainees transferred to NDS Kandahar by U.S. forces have been subjected to torture," according to the report.
Don't tell me this isn't known higher up the food chain. Exactly how high, on civilian as well as military sides, is the question.

And, let's see how Preznit Look Forward spins this one, with his constitutional law skills. Let's also see how he spins it on the foreign policy side with Our Man in Kabul, Hamid (Don't Say I'm Off My Meds) Karzai.

Ask me again why I'm voting Green again.

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