SocraticGadfly: The voter ID guilty flee ...

March 24, 2012

The voter ID guilty flee ...

When someone might be pursuing.

Texas AG Greg Abbott, possibly the biggest pusher of Texas' new voter ID law among elected officials of the state's executive branch, is trying to keep 12 legislators from testifying to the feds.

The DOJ wants bill author Troy Fraser, a definite wingnut, and 11 others to give depositions in a federal investigation under Section 5 Voting Rights Act preclearance issues, as well as seeking written communication by the 12.

Abbott's response?
The state's motion called the Justice Department's requests "an unwarranted federal intrusion into the operations of the Texas Legislature."

In its objection, the state said that a "determination of whether a discriminatory purpose exists must be made by examining publicly available sources — such as legislative history, floor debates, and the historical background of the decision."
Anybody else in Texas mouthed bullshit like that and Abbott would call it obstruction of justice.

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