March 21, 2012

Who is 'The Real Romney'?

Two Boston Globe reporters attempt to answer just that question in a book with that title. And, he is what he is, is the best answer.

The Real RomneyThe Real Romney by Michael Kranish

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This is a very good look at  Mitt Romney, Mormon family history and all.

I knew about Romney’s dad, George, the governor of Michigan and failed 1968 GOP presidential candidate.

But, I didn’t know just how prominent his family had been in the early history of Mormonism. That includes not knowing about the polygamy background of his great-grandfather.

The two Boston Globe reporters behind this book do a good job of looking at Romney’s Mormon roots without being judgmental, other than noting that Romney has generally dodged talking about his Mormon background in detail, and  especially that part of it.

They go beyond that,  though, to look at Romney’s storied business career at Bain Capital, his work on (rightfully,  they say) “saving” the Salt Lake City Olympics, and his political career.

His analytical nature runs through and through all of this, they say. While he learned political tactics tricks from his loss to Ted Kennedy, the analytical, non-“warm” side of him apparently will not change.

And, whether one uses “flip-flopper,” “opportunistic” or some other term, Romney is apparently that, and in a more detached way than many a politician, which leaves him more open to that charge.

This is a good read in the middle of this campaign, for Republicans and Democrats alike wondering just who Mitt Romney is politicially.

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