March 02, 2012

Michael Mann swing his 'hockey stick'

As this L.A. Times column notes, Mann's desire to "fight back" against climate change denialists will be an uphill sled indeed after Peter Gleick's recent skullduggery. But, contra the column, I don't think he needs to rethink the attitude. He may need to think even more carefully than before about the approach.

But, rightfully or wrongfully obtained, what Gleick got, especially the new info about how Heartland wants to indoctrinate teachers to indoctrinate students to be "deniers" show that this is a battle, and a battle that must be joined.

Per Big Denialists' riffing on Big Tobacco, what if Philip Morris launched a massive campaign to get junior high and high school science teachers to talk about the health benefits of tobacco?

So, are you ready to rumble?

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