February 29, 2012

William O. Douglas - Iconoclastic liberal

The Court Years: The Autobiography Of William O. DouglasThe Court Years: The Autobiography Of William O. Douglas by William Orville Douglas

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A good overview of Bill Douglas' court years. Not totally shocked by what he thought of LBJ, including how much he manipulated us into Vietnam. I am shocked that he didn't always rate Thurgood Marshall highly outside of civil rights issues. That said, per Douglas, that Marshall never would vote for cert. on Vietnam War draft protesters appealing their draft calls because Congress never declared war, makes Douglas' feelings understandable.

To me, they had a great case, constitutionally. It's sad that most of the time, Hugo Black was apparently the only other judge who would grant cert.

The book gives you a good look at Douglas, a liberal for sure in America, but also an iconoclastic one.

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