February 28, 2012

A frothy mix is whipping up in Michigan

The back-and-forth in the GOP race in the state has apparently swung back to Santorum again. Fro p[eole who like political chess matches, or a protracted GOP race, or ongoing train wrecks, or whatever, this is good, fun news, and has more to go with it.

Gingrich seems likely to win Georgia, a week later, and Romney to win Arizona at the same time Santorum wins Michigan. And, from there we head on to Super Tuesday with Romney and Santorum battling for the top, Gingrich seeing if Georgia offers momentum and Grandpa Paul seeing if he can scrape something together.

And, now, it looks like we could get that. Michigan is too close to call, which means that there will be a lot of "spinning," no matter who wins.

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