February 28, 2012

BIG Medicare fraud in my old stomping grounds

Were Dr. Jacques Roy or Teri Sivils members of the DeSoto (Texas) Chamber of Commerce? Because, $375 million would go a long way. Here's the details;
Under the alleged fraud scheme, the doctor and his office manager in DeSoto, Texas, Teri Sivils, who was also charged, allegedly sent healthcare “recruiters” door-to-door asking residents to sign forms that contained the doctor’s electronic signature and stated that he had seen the residents professionally for medical services he never provided.

They also allegedly dispatched more “recruiters” to a homeless shelter in Dallas, paying $50 to every street person they coaxed from a nearby parking lot and signed him up on the bogus forms.
Next question: Did the shelter get any kickback?

If a bunch of home health agencies are being suspended from Medicare for alleged conspiracy, who's to say what a homeless shelter might do?

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