February 29, 2012

'Anonymous' comes to Burnet County, Texas

"Anonymous" was at a city council meeting at Bertram, a small town in our county last night. According to our one reporter, it's not the first time the two, young enough for her to call them "boys," were there, but the first for them to wear the Guy Fawkes/Vendetta masks. I think most the old farm folks and council members there had no fricking idea who the two people in masks were, or what they were about.

It's called "messaging," or even more, "priming," folks.

Beyond that, is "Anonymous" coming full circle to meet "Tea Party" in the rural heartland? I mean, I don't normally hear of it hitting towns of 1,500 population, and indicating that the government of concern might be local as well as national. Some places are just more fertile for things like this in general than others.

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