September 27, 2011

Texas votes can be altered for $10

Seriously. A new study shows a Diebold voting machine can be hacked for just over 10 bucks. Neither the state government of Texas and other states that use Diebold machines, nor the federal governemtn, will do anything significant, either?

Why? In part, it's at the voters' end.

Many of us, and I deliberately note that, have these two beliefs:
1. Most people wouldn't do that;
2. We want democracy on the cheap.

The first issue? Oh yes they would. And, we're not just talking state and federal races, where fraud would be most visible. Tip a few dozen votes in a close municipal race adn a city of 100,000 gets a new mayor.

The second issue? Very true. Voters in every state in the U.S., if presented with the cost in both time and money, would reject "Old Europe's" continued use of paper ballots.

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