September 25, 2011

No, no, no, #BudSelig! Don't ruin #MLB

While I'm grateful for the one wild card each of Major League Baseball's two leagues have, I do NOT want a second wild card. I also don't want all the other Bud Selig dreck that will go along with it.

I hate, hate, hate the idea of year-round interleague play, which two 15-team leagues will necessitate. I dislike lengthening the postseason, and halfway wonder if Bud will propose a neutral-site warm weather World Series location. If there is a second wild card, I detest a one-game play-in instead of a best-of-three series, even with evening out the leagues to 15 each.

Rather, there's two alternatives.

One is the Bob Costas idea, namely, getting rid of wild cards entirely and giving the best division winner a first-round bye.

The other is, keeping wild cards, but having two divisions in each league and two wild cards, both of whom could come from the same division. That would avoid the 15-team league parity issues, too.

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