September 25, 2011

SEC gives A&M official OK

Texas A&M officially has a new athletics home. And, it starts next year.

(That said, don't expect this to greatly change Aggie sports results. For an overview of what this means, go here. )

So, does OU renew its search? If so, where? Does the SEC look for Team 14? If so, whom?

I say OU stays put. SEC won't take it and Ok State. SEC doesn't stay put, though. Missouri or West Virginia is the most likely next candidate. But, I don't think it wants to go to 16 teams.

Of those two? West Virginia has a reason to leave the Big East, with Syracuse and Pittsburgh already running. More incentive, even, than Missouri. That said, the Mountaineers might be leery of having to stack up against SEC competition. On the other hand, it would help their recruiting.

Missouri? Will the Big 10 look at going beyond 12? I kind of doubt it. So, if the SEC doesn't come calling, it has to hope the Big Whatever can rebuild.

UPDATE: In a world of modern politics and the Internet, I guess it's not a surprise that "branding" as well as TV rights was an important factor in the move.

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