SocraticGadfly: USDA in bed with Monsanto, again and always

February 23, 2011

USDA in bed with Monsanto, again and always

The government's approval of GMO alfalfa is just the latest case of this ongoing "relationship." Again, what a shock. That's why, again, Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice's former science adviser, now at AAAS, is such a liar when she discussed how there's no danger from GMO crops.

Now, with the approval of GMO alfalfa, and the "guilty until you're proven innocent" attack on non-GMO farmers if GMO crops show up in their fields, what happens with organic milk and cheese? The USDA is likely lying about what it says is a low chance of cross-pollination.

It's also likely lying when it says glyphosphate-resistant weeds will be slow to evolve.

Another good point in the story? Only 7 percent of alfalfa is currently treated with herbicides. Why do we need Monsanto's crap?

Of course, we don't.

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