SocraticGadfly: “Audrey,” Palin’s Deceptions blogger, IDed?

August 26, 2009

“Audrey,” Palin’s Deceptions blogger, IDed?

Update, Aug. 26: Well, apparently “the other McCain” has a more definite ID on “Audrey,” the creator of the Palin's Deceptions blog and website.

Her first name is Anne, but the last name is not longer Baggs. And, she has apparently published some more salacious stuff besides her circumcision book, which ties together loose ends on previous posts of R.S. McCain.

It all seems to fit that she is really Anne Briggs. (Minor corroboration from “Audrey’s” blog, Palin’s Deceptions – both she and Anne have four kids.

Hat tip to “the other McCain” on this. And, yes, I can and do give hat tips to conservative bloggers on occasion. Rational thought and analysis is what it is, where it is.

That said, I had seen “Audrey’s” Zimbro profile some time ago, while doing a bit of noodling-level research on this, as I blogged way back in January. So, I hadn’t done the full 2+2 addition, but, I have read enough to believe that R.S. McCain is on the right track here. (And, I do not know if he cribbed off me, but, a return hat tip would be appreciated.

Anyway, “Audrey’s” Huffington Post profile also indicates that.

And, that said, I am sorry I ever went down this road in the first place. But, given the weird circumstances of Trig's birth, still unexplained by his child-endangering mom, it is understandable why many people would rush to fill in the blank.

I again repeat the idea I saw on another blog, from Alaska: Whether consciously or not, it was a "passive abortion" effort by Palin to fly to Dallas as she did.

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