SocraticGadfly: People Mag - Cousin Itt Palin has arrived

December 29, 2008

People Mag - Cousin Itt Palin has arrived

According to People, Bristol Palin has a baby boy named Tripp.

NOTE: Go here for a new post on the Tripp Palin birth and how early news cycle coverage is raising more questions than it’s answering.

Nope, nobody posting in comments had that name picked. And, no, the kid's actual first name isn't Drug.

Now, even this does not rule out the timeline that Bristol, not Sarah Palin, was the mother of Trig. The Dec. 20 due date for Bristol with little Tripper wasn't publicly announced until relatively late in the pregnancy. But, it does crimp that possibility somewhat. And, at 7 lbs., 4 oz., Tripp wasn't born two months prematurely.

As for Bristol's own timeline on this pregnancy, I earlier leaned toward the idea of this being real, then, later on, leaned away. Well, one can always second-guess oneself. I really changed my mind the most after listening to Audrey, proprietor of Palin’s Deceptions and the PD blog. She said, about a week before Christmas or so, she had been interviewed by the Anchorage Daily News, with the story supposedly coming out any time now.

Well, the story is out now. I'll check in at her blog later tonight or tomorrow morning, and I will also check in with the Anchorage Daily News. The ADN, earlier today, had only a snippet from the People story, and no original reporting. I have a bit of skeptical antennae-raising over what might be up with that, and even more cynical vomiting that the Palin family would be in contact with an entertainment mag first. Also, note that little Tripper was born Sunday, and, in the era of instantaneous Internet news, we get nothing for more than 24 hours?

Doesn't that about say it all with the Alaskan Addams Family?

Meanwhile, for new visitors to this blog, here is where my Palin family births coverage started.

And, for Sarah Palin's lying initial press release about Tripp's birth, go here.

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