SocraticGadfly: Gerald Posner says ‘hold on’ on Bruce Ivins

August 06, 2008

Gerald Posner says ‘hold on’ on Bruce Ivins

I greatly respect the author of “Case Closed,” “Why America Slept” and “Killing the Dream” for his journalistic research and, definitely, for his debunking of conspiracy theories in his JFK and MLK assassination books, “Case Closed” and “Killing the Dream,” the two definitive works in the field.

So, when Posner says wait a minute on fingering Dr. Bruce Ivins as the “anthrax terrorist,” I’m willing to listen.

Part of why Posner doesn’t trust the government case is that social worker Jean Duley, who said she was so worried about Ivins she got a restraining order against him, has a boatload of her own problems. And, he raises this point:
“How does a biological weapons expert with fantasies, supposedly, of mass murder, get to sign himself out of a psychiatric facility, and what’s the deal with this woman?”

Follow the link to find out what “the deal with this woman” is, and to see Posner’s “Countdown” video with Keith Olbermann.

Now, the Wall Street Journal weighs in with more questions.

Update: More thoughts of mine on Ivins here.

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