SocraticGadfly: Texas Progressives talk this and that on Gaza and Texas

April 03, 2024

Texas Progressives talk this and that on Gaza and Texas

With belated Happy Easter wishes from Our Lord and Savior, Donald J. Trump, let's dig in. 

First, foreign and foreign policy stuff:

At Mondoweiss, Phil Weiss talks about the importance of Chuck Schumer even hinting at maybe conditioning arms sales to Israel, including how it's fractured the Israel lobby and given liberal Zionists cover against their more conservative (hasbara spouting) kin.

On Israel-Gaza, a la the Watergate phrase, SocraticGadfly wants to know "what did the president know and when did he know it?"

Per MasterCard? Paying $500,000 a ticket to hear three Democrat warmongers grift, including Dear Leader tell antiwar protestors, in essence, to STFU? #Priceless

At The Nation, James Bamford says that the 1979 Israel-South Africa nuclear test (it was, despite Carter's later attempt to spin it away) and Israel's general rogue and proliferator status on nuclear weapons REQUIRE a cutoff of US aid.

All about (what was wrong with) Joe Lieberman, from a special edition of Jeff St. Clair's Roaming Charges. The funniest part of this is that Gore picked Lieberman (on the recommendation of TNR's Zionist Marty Peretz) to win Flori-duh and of course that didn't happen. St. Clair notes it was also a further deterrent from the Slickster campaigning for Gore.


Now, more domestic and local stuff:

Justice sometimes does happen! Crystal Mason acquitted on vote fraud charges. 

Off the Kuff has a first look and a second look at the now-concluded securities fraud case against Ken Paxton. Related?  Evil MoPac has six suggestions for appropriate community service tasks for Ken Paxton.

Ted Cruz's ongoing and big ethical dodge — his paid podcast — gets detailed scrutiny. Beyond the ethics and the bucks, the time that Lazy Ted takes out of being a senator to being a podcaster is also an issue.

Related? The Texas Ethics Commission could require "influencers" to declare when politicos are paying them for their influencing. Call me back when A. This actually happens and B. If it does, what teeth the TEC puts, or doesn't put, into the measure.

Natural disasters increase domestic violence? So do heat waves. In other words, climate change is a family danger. Paging our "pro-family" Republicans!

The Trib/ProPublica offer a two-year update on all things Uvalde.

Montgomery County Commissioners Court has green-lighted the possibility of public library book bans.

Some Texas Rethugs may be playing with fire by hating on H-E-B head Charles Butt.

Pythons instead of pork for dinner table meat? Interesting. And, I had never before thought about the cold-blooded angle. Without maintaining a constant internal body heat, snakes (and other reptiles) are more efficient food processors.

Neil at the Houston Democracy Project said U.S. Rep. Allred must include obligations of Democratic Party elected officials in who must help win what he terms "The most important election in U.S history." 

The Austin Chronicle reported that the Texas Maternal Mortality Task Force has never included deaths related to abortion or the lack of access to abortion in its totals.

Your Local Epidemiologist notes that two now-retracted medical studies were key aspects of recent SCOTUS cases.  

Space City Weather takes an early look at the forthcoming hurricane season. 

The Current informs us of this year's Gathering Of The Kyles, held as usual in the city of Kyle, with a goal of breaking the record for largest number of Kyles in one place.

There IS NO "Great Texas Eclipse." 

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