SocraticGadfly: Notes on the ongoing Tex-ass heat and drought

July 19, 2022

Notes on the ongoing Tex-ass heat and drought

Several items on the heat wave.

First, it's going to be here another full month, in all likelihood, as is the drought. So, ERCOT may still suck, but you need to still conserve.

Matter of fact, per a great new book, if you actually are a Texas environmentalist, if you're going to talk the talk, you SHOULD be conserving rather than adding to climate change by using more AC. If not, you're a neoliberal capitalist hypocrite. So, how low is the AC set at state headquarters of national Gang Green environmental groups like Sierra Club? Is it 72F? Or 74? Or 76? How well insulated is the office?

Third, even though Tex-ass and its Lege haven't passed a "feed-in tariff" law for rooftop solar (where your local power company pays you for excess juice; most actual Western states have one), solar in the state has doubled in just a year and is helping out. (long read) Sadly, per that long read? ERCOT's gone Wayne Christian and blamed wind power, even though its production was within norms for this time of year.

Fourth? If you're a Californicator who's a recent move here? Deal with it and don't add to the problem.

Fifth? For now at least, thank doorknob, the crypto bros are heeding ERCOT's conservation calls

Sixth? If you're a homeowner and watching your power bills soar? Blame Rethuglicans in the Texas Legislature. A few years ago, along with banning local governments' ability to battle plastic bags and other environmental issues, the Lege barred local governments from setting building standards. In other words, your town or county if you bought a McMansion in an unincorporated area, CANNOT require D.R. Horton et al to have minimum insulation, double-paned or triple-paned windows or anything else.

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