SocraticGadfly: Coronavirus boycott notes: Kroger, Walmart, Tom Thumb etc

October 28, 2020

Coronavirus boycott notes: Kroger, Walmart, Tom Thumb etc

My regional boycotts started two and one half months ago, when I stopped going to all Kroger locations in Denton, Texas, over Kroger Andy, the person who uses the name Danielle Muscato, and masking issues at a Kentucky store, and above all, Kroger's Kabuki theater PR.

Things picked up from there.

As a more local Walmart became more lax on enforcing masking, and so did a Dollar Tree in front of it, as described here, I minimized visits to both. Then, despite both being notified on Twitter and both being nonresponsive EVEN THOUGH Walmart corporate HAS BEEN responsive to me on other issues in the past year, the problem got worse, as documented in another local Walmart visit.

Then, Tom Thumb got in on the act. This time, corporate did respond to me. Said it would talk to local management. When the problem happened again, said local management would call me. However, that part did NOT happen. Full story here.

And now? We have a surge in cases and surge in COVIDIOTS in Cooke County.

So, the boycott score is?

Locally, all three stores are off for right now.

Kroger in Denton is selectively back on, but my shopping there stays reduced. It takes a back seat to Winco (thank doorknob it's in Denton) and Aldi.

It was also taking a back seat to Albertson's in Denton, but as Albertson's is Tom Thumb's parent? It's off for right now.

Dollar Tree in Denton may or may not get an occasional visit.

To the corporate parents, to their stanners? Do NOT NOT NOT tell ME to use pickup or delivery.

To you and to antimaskers? Do NOT NOT NOT tell me that the ADA requires stores to admit people without masks. That's a bald-faced lie. If you offer either pickup or delivery, you can REQUIRE people without a mask, whether they have a legit medical exemption, they're lying about one, or they simply refuse to wear a mask, to use those options instead. 

Period and end of story.

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