SocraticGadfly: Texas STILL a non-voting state

October 28, 2020

Texas STILL a non-voting state

So says the NYT in its latest story about the presidential race.

Specifically, it says Texas is still a non-voting state in one specific way.

Stop me if you've heard this before  ...

Stop me ...

Stop ...

But the Old Gray Lady says Hispanic voter turnout still lags.

Related? It says Biden's support there isn't massive.

That second part doesn't surprise me.

An ever-higher number of Hispanic new immigrants to Texas, whether Ill Eagles or fully healthy, are evangelical Protestant and not Catholic. Those that are legal and eligible to vote probably tilt even higher non-Catholic. And higher Republican.

I was first writing about the religious demographics seven full years ago.

That said, if there's any silver lining for Sleepy Joe, it's that these Hispanics are most likely to stay home.

That said, I disagree with a University of Houston poll last week that, contra many other polls, showed independents breaking for Trump. Just don't see it. THAT then said, it had Trump in the lead by just 1 percentage point more than did the NYT.

(That said, per this battleground counties piece by the NYT, it looks like Puerto Ricans are undervoting in Florida, so not just a Texas Hispanics thing.)

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