SocraticGadfly: Earth Day 50 part 3: There will still be blood for oil

April 22, 2020

Earth Day 50 part 3: There will still be blood for oil

The blood will come in many forms.

Cheap oil being used to undercut renewable energy for electric vehicles. (This is a big part of what we need, and folks know it.)

Cheap oil letting people get lazy about burning gasoline.

Oil-stanners refusing to admit that King Hubbert was actually correct.

Banks not learning the lessons they allegedly have about fracking.

Oil drillers and producers lying about not being corporate socialists.

Banks "ramping up the curve" on carbon emissions by subsidizing money-losing fracking.

Citizens of petrostates like Kuwait, which was already slated to run a sixth straight deficit budget, having more of whatever safety net Kuwait has getting cut.

This is all despite Peak Oil, as formulated by King Hubbert, being true.

Imported workers from places like the Philippines in the petrostates, having their grunt jobs cut, and perhaps being the target of anger.

American political bullies, who existed long before Trump, and who go back before Dick Cheney to Jimmy Carter and his Carter Doctrine, insisting on an American "right" to cheap oil. 

Climate change cutting crop yields in many places.

Many Americans not caring about any of this, even when it's American grains crops that start losing yields.

The blood of extinct species, which will not magically be resurrected in some Jurassic Park future.

On things like that, remember that Democratic guardians have done little better than Republican ones. Federal agencies, especially FWS, have deliberately refused to enforce things like the Endangered Species Act.

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