SocraticGadfly: #TxPolitics – Loopy Lupe vs Whiter than White:The tale of the digital videotape

May 13, 2018

#TxPolitics – Loopy Lupe vs Whiter than White:
The tale of the digital videotape

Who won? Andrew Whiter than White vs Loopy Lupe Valdez.
Neither Lupe Valdez nor Andrew White scored a knockout blow on the other at the one Democratic gubernatorial primary runoff debate Friday night, nor did either knock themselves out. Video of the debate is here from the Snooze; more analysis from the Texas Observer here.

Neither one appeared to have given themselves a good boost, though, either.

Background: Valdez seemingly had the more to lose. Her campaign had been in semi-freefall even before the runoff. White had continued to ask her for a debate and she continued to say no – until she caved. That's the optics.

So, who did lose more ... or gain more?

Valdez tagged White on abortion, claiming that he was condescending toward women who have made the choice to have one. That, in turn, brings up the issue of his membership in a church of the conservative denomination the Presbyterian Church in America, which contrasts with Valdez' lesbian background, and points out White's generally conservative stance on social issues.

OTOH, the Houston GLBT folks endorsed him. Yes, she got Equality Texas, but still.

White also didn't do well on his company that makes border security biometrics stuff.

And, he's at times called himself a moderate Republican. That said, other than that one donation to the Kentucky GOP a decade ago, he's not given any other money to Republican campaigns or orgs in more than 20 years. So, he's better than Tony Sanchez.

Valdez, on the other hand, didn't appear to overcome her lack of competence issues. She totally whiffed on a minority outreach issue, made worse by White talking about decriminalizing minor marijuana amounts, bail reform and other things. In addition to her incompetence, she continues to come off as too much of a law and order candidate – not surprising for someone who was a county jailer, a federal jailer, then, essentially, a detective for various federal agencies before running for Dallas County Sheriff. She's a career cop. And, minorities can be hard-ass law and order types, just like whites. Look at Sheriff Clarke up in Milwaukee. Valdez isn't THAT, but she still is law-and-order. Oh, and women and LGBT cops can be law and order, too.

Brains has said he'll vote Green if we/they have ballot access, for Jan Richards, if White gets the Democratic nod, or undervote if Greens aren't there. So will I.

He looks like he'll vote for Valdez if she wins and Richards isn't on the ballot. (I"m inferring; from his two posts leading up to the runoff, I can't tell for sure.) Anyway, from MY previous post ... and his comment on that ... and our back and forth ... that strengthens my inference.

And I likely won't. She had one last primary election chance to put two major issues to rest, and at least halfway failed on both. I don't see her ramping up her growth curve a lot against Greg Abbott if she gets the nomination. She caved on agreeing to the debate, and other than the one abortion zinger, still sounded befuddled, then tried to explain away her apparent befuddlement.


And, Brains, we'll presumably agree to disagree. (And, yes, this is another inference, but ... perhaps this, beyond allegations that I'm flirting with racism, is why Brains doesn't like my "Loopy Lupe" nickname. If he were going to undervote either her or White in the general, it might not be as big a deal for him.)

It's not just Valdez herself. I refuse to reward Gilberto Hinojosa playing queenmaker with a crappy candidate shoved down our throats in part because of ... tokenism.


PDiddie said...

I haven't decided, and there's a few things over the next six months yet to develop. No need to infer someone else's decision that's somewhat murky anyway.

For the reasons you cite, Valdez almost won my vote next week, but her answer on mass incarceration wasn't just weak but unacceptable. "Community policing" isn't going to do shit about that problem. At this point, if I vote for her in the runoff it will solely be to block White.

It might be worth waiting to the end of the EV period just to see if she can avoid saying anything that might make me regret voting for her. On the other hand, this race isn't about winning but helping the poor Donkeys elsewhere down the ballot, and only Valdez IMO does that. Can I pinch my nose hard enough to help her get on the November ballot? I don't know yet.

Gadfly said...

A more than fair enough answer. It was behind my Tweet Friday afternoon to CBS Austin about asking both candidates about turnout.

And, as I noted, on Valdez, for me, in part, if I undervote her, it's because I don't want to reward Hinojosa. In turn ... that in part depends on if he remains TDP chair or not.