May 11, 2018

Bernie, Trump, or bust voters: A WTF from
Seth Rich conspiracy theorist, Gun Nut H.A. Goodman

H.A. Goodman
I don't get these people. That said, some, like Bernie bro online syndicated columnist H.A. Goodman, whether ditching Bernie as a 2016 sheepdogger, or ultimately feeling the love for Donald Duck, already have #Trump2020 hashtags on their social media.

That's "OK," as long as it's counteracted.

Goodman was overrated in his own mind and others in the first half of 2016. And his refusal to consider third-party options two years ago sunk his ship, in my reckoning. He now has moved his personal Titanic to the bottom of the ocean floor.

And deliberately so.

Goodman admits to being a "former liberal" (so am I, as a leftist) ...

AND A GUN NUT on his YouTube channel. I quote: "(Former Liberal Now 2A Advocate)"

And, per RationalWiki, a Seth Rich murder conspiracy theorist.

And someone who thinks the words of Peter Strzok are not only problematic (they are at times), but less trustworthy than those of Louie Gohmert, aka Gohmert Pyle.

As for others, hoping for a Bernie 2020, but insisting you'll vote Trump otherwise?

If you won't consider the Greens, or the Socialist Party USA, good riddance. Good riddance to the narrowness of your political thoughts and your refusal to look or work outside the duopoly.

If the Dems nominated a Hillary Clinton type again in 2020 and third parties did not exist, nor did write-in candidates, I would undervote the race.

Any alleged "progressive" supporting Trump in 2020 is a liar, pure and simple. That's you, H.A. Goodman, as I see it from here. Not a progressive. And, possibly a journalistic vulture as well.

I thought he sniffed too many of his own cyber-clippings in 2016. Now I know that's true.

The bigger issue is that he is in fact an actual representative of populism, whether he uses that word about himself or not. The actual populism of American history, which was not always progressive, and certainly had a lot of race-related issues.

Tis true that Bernie himself, outside of strawmanning by Hillbots, at times didn't always seem to hit racial issues square on. But on that, and on other issues, he's no Donald Trump. People who think they're in the same neighborhood are self-delusional.

Now, Goodman may be angry at Bernie for sheepdogging. That's understandable. Then Vote Green.

But, it's really not that. He's trying to build his Internet brand and knows that he can piss off Hillbots and get clicks from TrumpTrain riders as a new convert.

Frankly, I never heard of the dude until the middle of 2016.

That said, Hillbot overplay of the idea of, the description of, and the number of, Berniebros aside, some do exist. Shape changers like this guy. The fact that he wrote for a winger-lite site like Real Clear Politics back in the first half of 2016 seems to make clear he either never fully got the Sanders message, or else never fully bought it, or else bought it enough to do a selective PR sale of it. In other words, he had this Trump2020 move planned all along.

Let's call his BernieBro-dom an actual false flag.

More scary? That he once worked in the State Department's Foreign Service.

I'm sure there are others like him ... more real Bernie backers probably don't realize how many, even though we all know the Sanders primary to Trump general voters were MUCH smaller than the Clinton primary to McCain general voters in 2008. Right, Hillbots?

That still doesn't excuse Goodman or his ilk.

Goodman now says that it's payback to force Democrats to reform.

Duuuddeeee .... if you had political principles, you'd join the Green Party and be an AccommoGreen like Cobb and Stein, not a TrumpTrain rider. But, you don't. And, your politics aren't mine.

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