May 15, 2018

TX Progressives talk early voting, Higher Loyalty

The Texas Progressive Alliance urges everyone to vote in the primary runoffs as it brings you this week's roundup.

P Diddie at Brains and Eggs wrote both before and after pieces about the Lupe Valdez-Andrew White Democratic gubernatorial primary runoff debate. Yours truly had some back-and-forth with him on his pieces.

Off the Kuff looked back at the recent Arizona Congressional election for evidence of crossover voting and the potential effect it may have in November.

And, looking ahead to growing numbers of women in politics and elsewhere, the Texas Women's Voices Project, presented by Texas Monthly, is a must read for all.

Socratic Gadfly reads Jim Comey's book and finds that any "Higher Loyalty" is ultimately to himself. (Coming up? A review of Amy Chozick’s “Chasing Hillary.”

Grits for Breakfast ponders the correlation between the DPS "border surge" and the reduction in DWI citations.

Neil at All People Have Value posted a picture of Houston, Texas. 

Christof Spieler asks what it will take for Houston to become more resilient against flooding.

Texas Vox notes a number of cities are looking at climate change issues.

One of those cities is Dallas, where Jim Schuetze calculates the latest in total fallout for the Calatrava bridges over the Trinity.

Juanita could have provided insights into Donald Trump's thinking at a much cheaper rate than Michael Cohen.

Paradise in Hell takes a crack at interpreting Melania Trump.

Dr. Carlos J. Cardenas argues that the best Mother's Day gift we could give would be a commitment to reducing the maternal mortality rate.

BeyondBones presents seven things you probably didn't know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Ty Clevenger at Lawflog doubles down on being a conspiracy theorist, er, I mean, provides a brief update on his lawsuit against the FBI for Seth Rich records. Ty could just file briefs in support of Seth's parents, or even offer to represent them. (That said, given his winger-leaning background on national issues that I detail in the first link, I would advise Seth's parents not to accept such an offer were it ever to be made.)

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