December 10, 2016

Another nagging #Cardinals blogger goes off on John Mozeliak

Per the video, we're talking about the overpay for Dexter Fowler.

In detail, the reasons it's an overpay are critiqued here, along with wondering if this will be as bad as the Mike Leake signing last year

Questions about why not Adam Eaton, Lorenzo Cain, or even Jon Jay, or about standing pat with Randal Grichuk in center, are raised here.

Speaking of Jay, and other things, it's kind of fun to throw shade at Mo, and wonder if maybe the alleged Cardinal Way doesn't paper over more internal problems than normally leak out, anyway.

And, nagging bloggers aside, the MSM St. Louis sports media will fawn over Mo's genius soon enough. Many have already started. Here's Derrick Goold, the dean, ignoring totally the Jay and Cain angles, talking about payroll the Cards have coming off the boards and more, with nary a question of "was this the best angle to pursue"?

Maybe that's why we nagging bloggers nag, Mo.
In any case, thanks for listening as well as reading. I'll probably do another video about the time spring training starts.

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