December 07, 2016

Bryce Harper and Scott Boras, crack-smokers (updated)

Bryce Harper, $400M man?
Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, via überagent Scott Boras, wants a 10-year, $400-million new contract. No, really.

Other than his career year of 2015, which currently seems to be an anomaly of major size, Harper has never posted more than a 135 OPS+ nor more than 6 WAR.

He's an average defensive right-fielder, and not hugely above average there offensively.

As somebody else said on Twitter, if Harper actually is "worth" that, then Mike Trout is worth $1 billion.

Along with that, let's include blogs like this one, calling it "a great deal," among the crack-smokers while we're at it.

Update, Dec. 7: If Adam Eaton is headed TO the Nationals, then our $400M man is surely headed AWAY as soon as the Nats get the right offer, right? Just how long they hold out for what seems to be the "right" offer?

"That's a clown question, bro."

Of course, the Mets get part of the blame this offseason. A 4/$110 contract for Yoenis Cespedes was itself an overpay.

These winter meetings will be silly season indeed. Pretty soon, the contract last year for Jason Wayward, I mean Jason Heyward, will get called small potatoes, especially if he rebounds. And, owners will continue to not help themselves.

That said, from the Cardinals' point of view, this just jacked up the free agency price for Dexter Fowler. He's going to want 3/$50 at a minimum.  And 4/$70 would not surprise me.

As for Harper, Boras and the Nats? The Nats have two more arb years with Harper, so they have time to figure out how serious Boras and Harper are before deciding to make counteroffers, or already start entertaining trades. I could see a slumping team trade a hot Harper in midseason next year if the price is right.


Devon Young said...

I couldn't agree more. I think he's playing through injuries or something and it diminishes his value. Washington would do better to trade Harper to an AL team, who could use him as a DH when he's not up for fielding. Think of Paul Molitor, who often didn't play full seasons 'til he was in his 30's. Molitor had over 5000 PA as a DH. He wouldn't have been a HOFer if he'd played his career in the NL (where there's no DH).

P.C.Chapman said...

Scott Boras has been playing all these owners etc. like Paganini on a Stradivarius. "Come over here, gaze upon the man who will deliver you a ticker tape parade. Don't worry about last years BA of .243 and 24 HR. He had an issue with his cat. They are getting along famously now and he's ready for another year like 2015! Yea, that's it. Like 2015."
Anyone who buys this 3 card Monte scam deserves the five years of disaster that awaits this contract. 'Moneyball'?? How about 'Gutterball".

Gadfly said...

P.C., well put. And, Boras has to have at least two owners willing to be played for this to work.