December 11, 2016

#Recount2016 recap with Greg AtLast

Since it's all over but any residual crying, with a final denial of Jill Stein's attempt to recount Michigan — overviewed here — it is indeed time for a recap with shadowy friend Greg AtLast.

Beyond what AtLast said above, I have one additional immediate point about this recount.

If we killed the Electoral College and went to direct popular vote, that would undermine much of the rationale for these recounts. As a result, a seeming conspiracy theorist like Jill Stein, and definite conspiracy theorists, the Bob Fitrakises, Greg Palasts and Brad Friedmans (of BradBlog) of this world would need to find more honest work. Maybe even a David Cobb, with his connection to the annoying Progressive Democrats of America. AtLast already took a look at Palast here, shredding his interview of Fitrakis.

With that said, let's take a look at what I've written in the last couple of weeks.

Via Liberal Values Blog, this shows the reality of undervotes.
There's of course the link at top, where Stein shows either cluelessness about, or some mix of obstinance for, and/or gullibility to, conspiracy thinking about, undervotes in elections in general and this presidential election in particular.

The big issue is this one, my blog post with extended excerpts from, and analysis of, a piece by Ohio Green Mark Lause. It's what AtLast references in the video. It certainly appears that Lause would be open to better options on parties of the left. So would I, for the reasons I note there, AtLast mentions in the video and more.

Further refutation of Palast's conspiracy theory, or of bad machine scanning of ballots, even? Wisconsin set a record for write-in votes. People just didn't like either Clinton or Trump, even whlie caring enough to vote in other races.

Meanwhile, let's not forget that Stein paid her legal mouthpieces more than 20 percent of the money she raised.

And, who knows? Maybe we'll get it, "it" being a better option on the left, whether a stronger, better Green Pary or something else. The national Green Party executive committee opposed Stein's recount. With good reason. The same reasons I do, as I blogged, while wondering why three members of the executive supported her. In turn, that gets back to Lause's issue of looking for better options.

And, that's a toughie. The various non-Communist parties of socialism are tiny, even compared to Greens, let alone Democrats, fractured, and in some cases, as whacky as Lause notes, as I have noted, and as many people see as stereotypical Greens.

In 2018, if I am still alive, still in Texas, and haven't rented it out and moved to Hell, per William T. Sherman, I'll sign a Green Party ballot access petition, just as I did multiple times in the past before the party hit the 5 percent ballot eligibility line. But, I may undervote races like I did the 2014 governor's election, speaking of undervoting. (I'm sure Texas Democrats will find some crappy candidate to field.)

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