SocraticGadfly: Missing from Trump's generals cabinet? #MAGA

December 09, 2016

Missing from Trump's generals cabinet? #MAGA

A lot of people have noted that Trump seems to be picking a lot of former generals to his cabinet.

(That said, maybe he forgot to watch Seven Days in May. A coup would trump [I see what I did there!] impeachment, would it not?)

In the spirit of fun, let's suggest some nominees for positions Trump has not yet filled.

More generals for the generals' cabinet:
1. Biggus Dickus for Secretary of State. If not him, Gen. Jack D. Ripper. I had actually thought of Ripper, with his fluoridation concerns, to run the EPA.
2. General Tso for what, FDA?
3. Gen. Phil Sheridan, of infamous mal mot about "the only good Indians I saw were dead" to run the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
4. Gen. William T. Sherman needs to be named to a newly-created Cabinet position, which would, of course, be Secretary of Texas. Or, since he preferred hell, he could run the White House faith-based initiatives program.
5. Gen. Smedley Butler is, of course, our Secretary of Commerce. Might as well be fully honest about this.
6. Quintus Fabius Maximus (we'll see who gets the reference) will be White House special counsel for Obamacare repeal.
7. Alexander the Great will be White House press secretary. Why? #MakeAlexanderGreat-Asiatics!
8. Gen. Lee could be our Secretary of Transportation. (Think about that one, too.)
9. "Gen." Jeffery Immelt is our Secretary of Energy.
10. The Donald could rename himself, or be renamed by others, as General Zod.

We do need a Secretary of the Navy, too.
Adm. Horatio Hornblower? Capt. Bligh? Capt. Ahab? Lt. Com. Queeg? The Navy guy from Village People? Gilligan?

Many American Generals and Admirals!

Make Admirals and Generals Autocrats!

Make All Generals Accountable!

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