September 08, 2016

The self-apotheosis of Bernie Sanders

I don't know what else to call it.

The former presidential candidate continues to selectively read too many of his own clippings, apparently think that "Our Revolution" is really "My Revolution" (well, to be fair, for him, the revolution could be "our" by including wife Jane), and now plays the spoiler card with Jill Stein.

And, contra the fact that, other than an I after his Senate name, he's really been a Democrat for 20-plus years, this is, per his background, chutzpah indeed.

Per the ancient Roman idea of apotheosis, he needs some humility before even making a small claim to a secular apotheosis.

Like the slave running behind an ancient general in a military triumph parade in Rome and whispering, "You too are mortal."

Unfortunately, the pre-humility hubris he has is fueled by some diehard, or worse "Bernie or Bust" types who think he's still actually running for president.

News flash, all you Cochises: Not only is  he not running, but in ever-more states, in part because of people like Bernie himself calling third-party candidates "spoilers," you legally cannot vote him for president as a write-in candidate. I seriously suggest you check the laws of your state. I know he's not an official write-in in Texas.

This is like a guy like Dan Arel claiming Greens are anti-science, then touting a Socialist Party USA that's just about as anti-science, more Kool-Aid drinking otherwise, and with 1/100th the chance of Greens at not only a presidential win but any national or state-level office below that — and then, like a greedy reductionist (he is a quasi-Gnu Atheist) bashing the Greens' election chances and then saying Socialists aren't about winning elections.

You Bernie or Bust folks, wake up and smell the coffee.

Or, if you care not to, then STFU, just like he should. I'm tired of hearing the man tarpaper over the Democratic shithouse.

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