September 04, 2016

Healthy food, and food for thought, for Labor Day

While you're celebrating the rights (diminishing, along with numbers) of organized labor — while remembering that Dems love to take unions' money and unions' votes while doing as little as necessary for union workers — and not forgetting that May Day in Europe was pushed by unions there to remember Haymarket and should have been May Day here, but for ... erm, a conservaDem President! ... too, you can also enjoy life.

Here's some healthy late summer (if you're in the South or Texas) or end of summer, if further north, picnic-type food. Healthy and tasty both.

I've got some healthy, Italian-themed end of summer food for you.
Egg salad, Italian style.
This is for 1 dozen eggs.

1. Crack, peel, slice and dice eggs and place into whatever your storage container will be.
2. Substitute creamy Caesar salad dressing for at least half your mayonnaise.
3. Add Italian herbs to taste; not fancy, I use a generic dry herb blend plus additional dried basil.
4. Extra Parmesan-style cheese.
5. If you've got it, about 2-4 tablespoons, to your taste, of broccoli raab, if you have any of it. Just enough to enhance, not overpower.
6. Again, to taste, dice up some pepperoncini.
7. And speaking of pepper, some black pepper, preferably fresh ground.

Meanwhile, push for more progressivity in the tax code for labor, something else Dems talk about but little. And don't forget that labor rights are ultimately about human dignity.

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