September 06, 2016

Susan Hawk, a fraud to the end, resigns too late

The cliched "embattled" Dallas County district attorney is now its ex-DA.

Hawk finally resigned, after repeatedly being treated with kid gloves by most the Dallas media. She "conveniently" resigned a week too late for a November special election, which means Gov. Greg Abbott will appoint a GOP crony.

I still say that in addition to mental health and prescription drug problems, she may well have an alcohol problem. I've said it here, and before that.

But, per the old GOP mantra, she's no longer wasting taxpayer dollars. I wish her the best, while wondering how likely that is to happen.

As for the GOP? Hawk was the only countywide elected official, and only beat Craig Watkins because he had his own problems.

Abbott's replacement will be purely temporary and will get barbecued in the November 2018 general election.

Let me add that the absence of Jim Schuetze of the Dallas Observer in doing zero investigative work on Hawk after all his bashing of Craig Watkins is shameful. He's written two pieces in the last three-plus months. The more recent one was not much tougher, or more in-depth, than a Snooze column, other than the question of whether all of her leave time was paid or not. The other, saying she should resign because she wasn't tough enough for the job, was little more than a nothingburger from him.

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