August 08, 2016

#ImWithJill from the #GNCInHOU to election day, #Hillbots

First, let's get one preliminary out of the way, now that Jill Stein has officially been nominated as Green Party presidential candidate.

It's in that photo, biatches.

Period and end of story.


I know you're speaking out of fear.

And not the fear of what Donald Trump could do nearly as much as the fear that Hillary Clinton, caution, incrementalism and more DNCLeaks timebombs from Wikileaks ticking in the background ...

Could blow this whole damned thing.

You know what?

That's your problem, not mine. You backed that flawed of a Democratic candidate. You supported a Democratic Party that officially and underhandedly greased the skids to get a candidate that flawed nominated.

It's also in this video, biatches, embedded below.

Stein mentions even co-authoring a book where vaccines weren't even close to being considered a cause for autism.

"Vaccines didn't even make it into the list of things we considered reviewing."

She's right; this is Swift-Boating, mainly from the minions of David Brock. It is "concocted."

But, for both pro-Stein and anti-Hillbot angles, I've already got my Tweetdeck loaded for bear from now through election day.

That said, Stein and Greens, if the Socialist Party USA gets write-in status in the presidential race here, I reserve the right to vote Socialist.

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