August 12, 2016

Are US #Greens extra-squirrelly vs Euro Greens?

That's a claim you'll hear repeatedly from Democrats this year. It runs something like:

"If only U.S. Greens were as sane as their European counterparts." The "sane" usually refers to Greens, sometimes including presidential candidate Jill Stein, pitching woo, specifically the woo of pseudoscience.

The incomplete conditional is a sham, of course. Were American Greens woo-free, Democrats would find other reasons to attack them even while claiming to look for common ground.

That said, is the claim true? Are European Greens a sea of sanity?

In a word, no. At least not British ones.

That said, unlike many Dems, even those of some degree of alleged high standards, pure breeding, etc., I already knew a small bit about Euro-Greens, and thus, beyond knowing the conditional was a red herring, knew it was untrue.

It's about like Gnu Atheists claiming Europe is full of atheists. No.

Rather, replacing much of the void of Christianity is a wider variety of New Agers and a much greater degree of neopagans than in America.

On the flip side, Canadian Greens are such weak tea party leader Elizabeth May opposes and worries about the party supporting BDS against Israel. More here on Canadians Greens' barf-inducing stances.

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