August 11, 2016

More anti-Russkies, anti-Putin bloviating from the MSM

The New York Times drops a shitload of innuendo on us, claiming the Russkie minions of Vladimir Putin, aka Vlad the Impaler, have tried to go beyond the Democratic National Committee hacks to hacking the Democratic Governors' Association and more ...

Only to caveat a bunch of claims, first, and second ...

To note specifically in paragraph 17 that Hillary Clinton's private email server was NOT hacked, and


To not at all discuss whether or not attempts were made on any Republican systems, though it does claim that there's no indication of any attacks on Trump personal computers.

(As I've blogged before, they surely were attacks on official GOP systems, if this were an official Russian effort. And the DNCLeaks attacks started before it was guaranteed Clinton would be the Dem nominee and long before Trump had the GOP bid nailed.)

Then there's this.

Here's what I like about the story even more. Guccifer 2.0 is allegedly a bumbling idiot, and there's allegedly Cyrillic-alphabet metadata on a bunch of stuff, but FBI Director James Comey claims the Russkies are too skilled to leave tracks.

But, there's an idiot, and a conspiracy theorist, born every minute., as Barnum said.

And Putin's laughing all the way to ... the surprise counteroffensive in Ukraine.

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