SocraticGadfly: Battling with #Clintonistas on Twitter

June 03, 2016

Battling with #Clintonistas on Twitter

Twice in the past couple of days, and both times after tussles with Clintonistas who had blocked me before I could block them, Twitter froze my account because of "unusual activity" and made me change my password.

Well, assuming I'd been "reported to Twitter" by them on both occasions as well as blocked, I "reported" them back. And, if I think I need to, I am going to start becoming pre-emptive. (The first of them, via screen capture as reported to my email account, since, due to being blocked, it didn't show up in my notifications feed, is at left.)

I do use Twitter to log into Disqus and a few other things, but just about none of those has the "authority" to write for me as well, as after the first freeze-out, per Twitter note, I checked my app settings.

Therefore, it's most likely Clintonistas. So, fight fire with fire.

And, it's not just me. Multiple Twitter friends, including national left-liberal journalist Doug Henwood, have reported similar issues.

And, if I need to go "meta," I'll report Twitter's own account to Twitter if it's not going to start giving me more information on why my account is being frozen.

Given that I plan on gearing up Tweet Deck late this summer, assuming Clinton's the Democratic nominee, I don't need Twitter being as dickish as Facebook on steroids.

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