SocraticGadfly: A few late curmudgeonly thoughts on #MemorialDay

May 30, 2016

A few late curmudgeonly thoughts on #MemorialDay

1. While I appreciate people remembering loved ones who served in the military (like my sister), or loved ones who served in the military and are now dead (like my dad), that is NOT what Memorial Day is about.

It's about honoring those who died in war, and them only, ultimately.

2. Speaking of, let's remember what war started Memorial Day.

2A. Let's remember which side in that war created the day — the Union.

2B. Let's remember why that war was started — over federal limits on slave expansion vs. Southern fire-eaters' demands for 'positive protection." Don't believe me? Read the CSA Constitution and state articles of secession. I've blogged about that briefly here, and in much more depth here, while adding in discussion about the Stars and Bars, the Confederate battle flag and quasi-national flag, as a symbol of racism, here.

2C. Let's remember what that war ultimately became — a fight to end slavery.

2D. So, no, small-town Deep East Texas VFW, it's NOT "The War of Southern Independence." Our country has already let losers write too much of the history here.  That's why, as I've said here, Appomattox Day needs to be a national holiday too.

2E. So, the picture above is what Memorial Day is ultimately about. Don't forget it.

3. And therefore, MLB, get rid of the faux Memorial Day celebration along with the fugly hats.

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