SocraticGadfly: Bernie's too good a Dem for a revolution, Iowa version

May 31, 2016

Bernie's too good a Dem for a revolution, Iowa version

In response to another person on Twitter asking what Bernie Sanders was doing about various voting problems, including alleged vote fraud, in some states in the Democratic campaign process, friend Brains Tweeted:
And, I responded, rhetorically because I knew the answer and the why of the answer, that he's not doing anything in Iowa.

And, why not?

Because he's too good of a Dem, just like, as I've noted before, he's too good of a Dem to mention Hillary's coup in Honduras. (When he did mention past coups, he only mentioned those under Ike, and not JFK or LBJ, too.)

All the states Brains lists are primary states, which means any voting problems are at least in part the problem of elected or appointed state government officials.

Iowa is a caucus state. Questions about the voting process, vote totals and the Iowa Democratic Party's refusal to recount are purely Iowa Democrats (and national Dems) inside baseball.

This is why Bernie hasn't sued over Iowa, and won't sue over Iowa.

(Sadly, in his trip through New Mexico, Bernie the Warhawk touted his efforts in getting a Sandia National Laboratory extension in Vermont. Yes, it does other things besides build nukes, but ... guess Bernie the Warhawk is Bernie the Nuke Lover, too. I was about to write more ... but, it's time to turn that into a separate blog post! And no spoiler alerts!)

It's also why he won't mention Clinton's emails. He's "too good a Dem."

Hey, Bernie ... voters in Democratic primaries have repeatedly said "trust" is a huge factor. This issue was handed to you on a plate, and it was NOT manufactured by Trey Gowdy.

Stay thirsty, my friends. Vote Green.


Contra Brains' one Twitter correspondent, per this updated post, no, I do NOT believe the "voting machine fix is in." Let's look back the past few elections. The 2010 midterms for House/Senate were a clusterfuck because Preznit Kumbaya was still singing too much Kumbaya. State legislature and gubernatorial races became a tag-along clusterfuck.

As a result, although Dear Leader, while singing less Kumbaya but never totally stopping, won re-election in 2012, Congressional Dems could gain no ground, due to state gerrymandering of House districts, and a GOP-friendly Senate cycle led them to recapture the upper house. Dear Leader campaigning primarily for himself didn't help.

Anyway, no "fix" is needed in general elections. In primaries, the idea of elected state-level elections officials of one party favoriing one person over another from the other party is ridiculous. I already shot this idea down in Arizona.

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