April 27, 2016

All over but the crying in both races?

Clinton took four of five of last night's primaries over Sanders, while Trump had a clean sweep, per the NYT.

On the Dem side, the likes of Jim Hightower may want Bernie to slug it out to the bitter end. Well, he'll figure out some way of splitting the middle on that and being nice to Clinton and the Dem Establishment that won key Senate primaries last night — with no Bernie endorsements in either Pennsylvania or Maryland.

Kind of makes one wonder just what sort of revolution he's pushing when he has had no Senate primary endorsements so far and just issued his first three House endorsements a couple of weeks ago. Friend Brains has some more on this.

Not a lot else to say, other than mentioning the need to get Sandernistas to think about the Plan B of voting Green in the general election rather than sitting out.

And, since many Sandernistas refuse to look at memos at first, here's a more directed follow-up.

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