April 29, 2016

Ted + Carly; Donald + ???

Lucifer and What D. Fuck?
Well, now that Lucifer Cruz has named Carly (No Anticipation) Fiorina as his putative Veep months before the GOP convention in Cleveland, what next?

The first what next is this won't work.

St. Ronald of Reagan, in closer stalking to Jerry Ford in 1976 than Cruz is to Donald Trump this year, tried it with Richard Schweiker. All he got was having to explain "why" to hardcore conservatives without significantly closing the gap.

Beyond that, Cruz looked less trustworthy than Reagan even before this, and for someone pretending he's not a real politician, this is what it looks like.

Why Carly?

California. Period. End of story.

It, for the GOP as well as Dems, is the biggest prize left.

However, it is NOT winner take all; it's a proportional race.

Rafael would have been better off, arguably, playing Lucifer with former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Besides, Carly won't help him with the evangelicals in the OC out in SoCal, who have not "broken" for Cruz anywhere anyway.

Why? They, like others, like a "winner," and think Cruz is a geek.


Back to the second half of the header.

Before last Tuesday's primaries, when the possibility of no clear GOP winner loomed larger, I speculated about a Trump-Cruz team to ward off a brokered convention trying to bypass both.

Well, a brokered convention looks unlikely, in large part for the fact that the majority of remaining GOP primaries, and remaining available delegates, are awarded proportionally. And, among the few WTA states besides Indiana is New Jersey, clear Trump territory.

So, whom might The Donald pick?

1. It won't be Ted Cruz. Bet on that.

2. Just possibly Kasich, since the two haven't tangled a lot. Maybe Boehner, if he wanted to reach out to the establishment otherwise. And, no, sit down, Sarah Palin. Trump ain't that dumb.

3. Or, setting Palin aside, he might go wild card. It's quite possible.

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