SocraticGadfly: All over but crying, Dem side, or Hey #Sandernistas, coffee! Smell it

April 28, 2016

All over but crying, Dem side, or Hey #Sandernistas, coffee! Smell it

Apparently the #FeelTheBern fanatics, the #Sandernistas, aren't yet ready to face that they're at the "BUST" fork of their other hashtag, #BernieOrBust, even after Tuesday night's generally poor showing, as described by me yesterday.

OK, let the man himself, or his campaign, spell it out in 72-point font. (A reference lost on those who claim not to read a newspaper, but who get their online news from a blog or some other site that links to a newspaper's website.)

Sanders, although his direct campaign fundraising pulled even with Hillary Clinton last week, has now started shit-canning staff.

First, the money.

The Sandernista kids on the block may look at the start of the story and say, he actually raised more than her recently.

I'll look later in the story and say: "He's had a higher burn rate." Specifically, 91 percent vs. 84 percent, and 99 percent for March.

In other words, for all the money Bernie has taken in, $27 at a time, he ain't got much more than bupkis in the bank.

That's the first reality.

So, yes, he wants to concentrate his resources on California.

So does Hillary Clinton, and she's not cutting staff right now.

That, in turn means this may be about other realities as well. So, to the second link.

Tad Devine had already mentioned a "reassessment" a day earlier. So, that's what's happening. I don't care about the spin from other campaign management staff, not even the eminence grisé, Jane Sanders. Per the piece, Devine's got a reputation as a straight shooter. And, this seems like an honest assessment.

As for "spinning"? Yes, Sanders said that there are 40 states already behind them.

But, he only mentioned California among those ahead.


Indiana next week, the three primaries on the week after that, and the others on the same day as California, per the Democratic primary schedule, have almost as many delegates combined as does California. Add in DC a week later, and the non-California remainder of the schedule is worth more than California.

And, if he were to win California? It's not winner take all. It's got easy, concentrated delegate resources, yes, but it's an even more expensive media buy than California.

Plus, is he going to win?

I don't know about Gov. Jerry Brown, but Sens. Barbara Boxer and Betty Crocker (Dianne Feinstein), and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are all very much in the Hillary Clinton camp.

I said this more than a month ago.

Bernie is NOT winning California.

Beyond that, winning California alone isn't enough anyway. He'd have to win more than 80 percent of ALL remaining delegates to have a majority of just elected delegates.

Now, you Sandernistas can start thinking about the Plan B of voting Green. You can vote for ideas first, individuals second, while also finding out more about Jill Stein as an individual.

Or you can hold on to your "bust" in two months and stay home in November.

Or you can fold your tents into Camp Clinton.

Which will it be?

If you think you need a couple more days "mourn time," I'll accept that. But, soon enough, you need to accept reality (which includes not waving an eked-out Rhode Island primary win as a talisman of "he's still in it") and decide what your plans for near the general election are.

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Unknown said...

Getting an unexpected amount of flack from my Sandernista friends for discussing plan B and investigating Jill Stein. There is no discussion. Didn't expect the anger from people who support "not the billionaires." Now it's get in line with Hillary. Hypocritical. 'Voting for ideas' theory out the window, replaced by 'Democrats unite.' I must be "off the reservation." Gawd.