SocraticGadfly: It's a bad week for #GregAbbott, and it's just started

June 24, 2014

It's a bad week for #GregAbbott, and it's just started

And, it's only Tuesday morning!

First, as I blogged yesterday, he officially sued Obama again, and lost again, this time over the EPA's right to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. The Texas Trib has more on just what this means, including the fact that AG StrangeAbbott and Gov. Backache may sue over the EPA's attempt to regulate greenhouse gases from new power plants. They'll never learn, will they?

Second, speaking of never learning, after a judge allowed one whistleblower suit against AG StrangeAbbott to go forward last week, the AG has decided to appeal a whistleblower case he already lost. And, per a Wendy Davis spokesman, one does have to wonder how many more of these cases might be in the closet.

Third, Abbott has lost yet another legal maneuver. Last week, he tried to have District Judge John Dietz removed from the school finance lawsuit he is rehearing, claiming Dietz is biased. That fell like a cheap souffle, and the story's author gives Abbott a brief lesson in Civil Jurisprudence 101, no less:
State Judge David Peeples of San Antonio dismissed allegations that Dietz engaged in improper communications with attorneys for school districts suing the state. At a hearing Friday, lawyers for the attorney general’s office said that Dietz had exchanged multiple emails and coached school district attorneys while he was working on his final judgment in the lawsuit. ...

It is common practice in civil suits for a judge to receive input from attorneys on the prevailing side in writing a final judgment in the case.
Note that second graf. It's saying: "Greg Abbott, you're a money-wasting idiot who knows better."

And, he IS a money-wasting idiot; he's the biggest one in the state.

Dear AG StrangeAbbott: Please be honest with the Texas taxpayers you claim to want to represent and tell them how much money you've wasted so far. A decent estimate is now up to around $5 million.

P.Diddle has more on the Dietz issue.

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