April 11, 2014

Looks like #GregAbbott is mad about being fingered as a press dodger

Poppy Bush, one Republican unafraid of being with Obama.
Dallas Morning News photo
A new campaign email from our state's top legal spendthrift blasts Wendy Davis for having a "closed door" meeting with President Obama while he was in Austin for the LBJ Library's civil rights conference. Here's a sample of one story link:
Obama spoke briefly with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis after his civil rights speech at the Lyndon Johnson presidential library.
Davis campaign spokescritter Bo Delp also noted the "brief." Other media links say the same, that it was a brief meeting.

And? Abbott's whining?

A POTUS is also leader of his party, not just of the USofA and mythically of the free world. Shrub Bush held off the record, or personal, meetings with GOP candidates regularly. And Davis was visibly at the event even before the private meeting with Obama. So, the idea that Davis is deliberately dodging Obama also doesn't wash. She was at the same event as him, and was seen going behind those mythical closed doors with him.

Besides, as pictured, Poppy Bush saw Obama. There you go.

However, that hyped hypocrisy all pales in comparison to walking out of his own campaign called press conference. Or rather, never walking into it in the first place. Abbott's rightly been getting nailed for this, and now, this is his cheap, thin-skinned way of firing back.

I'm sorry, "walking" is a word that when literally, implies use of one's legs. He knows it's a dirty liberal trick to talk about walking, standing or anything similar. I promise not to reference this further ... except when it's necessary to do so.

I mean, even for Abbott, this is sophomoric.

Notice that he doesn't even talk about his own appearance, or the general GOP comment, on the LBJ civil rights seminar.

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