April 08, 2014

Internet commenting is about to get even worse

What could be worse than flame wars and trolls?

Ohh, nothing major ....

Other than ...

Leading online content management company Disqus announcing it will be selling advertorial content into comments sections. I've already Tweeted to Disqus that it should stand by for flame wars directed at said advertorial and that I support the idea of said flame wars.

If you're a newspaper, or other website, there's a simpler solution, if you've not already done it.

It's called a ...


If you're not a newspaper, but call yourself a "media company" (used loosely?) or worse, a "content provider," then prove you believe that what you write about is of value enough to have people subscribe and ...


If not, stand by for deliberate flaming of you, of Disqus and of advertisers whose content is in the advertorial. Perhaps flaming of all three of you at once.


I take that back; I know what could be even worse.

Facebook selling advertorial into comments on our personal feeds.

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