February 21, 2014

We have Texas Greens liftoff

Now, the next time Wendy Davis shoots herself in the left foot (leaving the right one healthy, of course ) whether on gun open carry, abortion and marijuana, or press access and manipulation, or, as I've hinted, something new, like immigration, it's no longer Davis' missteps followed by the Greg Abbott noise machine and nothing else.

Green Party gubernatorial candidate Brandon Parmer has a Facebook page up. He says he's been busy, but plans to get a campaign website up soon. So, for now, give his Facebook page a friendly, commercial free, hypercapitalism free, anti-Zuckerberg Facebook like, and stand by for more.

And, contra the two lamestream parties, a squeaking wheel can actually get the grease.


Closinhtown said...

Texas Greens are embarrassing. I want to support them, but they don't seem to be serious about winning elections or even making an impact. This Brandon Parmer guy is supposed to be running for governor and he has a personal fb page and hasn't posted anything since around Feb 20th I think. What a joke. Wendy Davis is also a disaster, which is typical of Texas Dems. -sigh-

Gadfly said...

Per my post earlier, wondering where the hell the party is, it's hard to disagree with the overall POV.


And, per my blog on the Texas US Senate race, with the Green candidate having the candidate-official nickname of "Spicybrown," it's hard to argue about the seriousness level.


Unfortunately, we ain't got a Socialist party here.