February 22, 2014

#GregAbbott issues non-apology "apology" for #TedNugent

The heat is on in the kitchen for Greg Abbott, with at least one state elected GOP officeholder wondering, or pondering, "I didn't think Greg could stumble" over his hand-holding with draft-dodging legend/rock star has-been Ted Nugent, and Greg can't stand it. So what can he stand for?

But, to stumble, you have to be standing, don't you?

And Politically Correct Ken doesn't want us talking about his infirmity, as we need to remember. 

Of course Sarah Palin probably #StandsWithTed because she #BoinkedWithTed some time in the past. 

Meanwhile, as for standing on principle, yes, the Schmuck Talk Experss is more myth than reality, but John McCain says: I repudiate Ted Nugent's language. Why can't Greg Abbott (or Ted Cruz) simply say the same? Hell, even Tricky Ricky Perry has a qualified condemnation.

Interestingly, McCain also says that, if we went to the presidential polls today, Hillary Clinton would win. 

Abbott himself has finally done an even more low-grade version of the Perry qualified condemnation. (And, if Faux News is worrying this issue will hurt you, you stumbled indeed.) However, all three of the above genets ONLY refudiate the Nuge's "subhuman mongrel" comment about President Barack Obama. None of them, and more importantly at this moment, Abbott in particular, will disavow a larger association with man who has a history of moral problems with women of sub-18 age that Attorney General Abbott theoretically would prosecute, or with a self-admitted pants-pooping draft dodger who obviously undercuts the "patriotism" that Abbott claims Obama mars.

And, the Nuge himself had even more of a non-apology, directing his retraction to "not necessarily to the President– but on behalf of much better men than myself," in other words, apologizing for hurting Abbott's campaign, and not to Obama. 

Update, Feb. 24: Abbott has now said he is moving forward. Good thing he didn't say he's "standing tall" after this, eh?

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