February 21, 2014

Rangers rotation: Suddenly shaky?

The news that Matt Harrison, he of two back surgeries and some arm issues before that, is having a new set of back issues cannot be good news for fans in Arlington, Texas, and elsewhere.

If Harrison is shelved for any significant time, you have Colby Lewis coming back from hip surgery, Tommy Hanson who's declined every year he's been in MLB, a Martin Perez whom the Rangers may not want to pick up too many additional innings at the age of 22, and a Derek Holland currently on the shelf himself and back who knows when for sure, to try to fill out the rotation after Yu Darvish, Alexei Ogando and various sacks of hammers, including Nick Tepesch as one of those. Add in that Ogando only had a half season last year, and, at the age of 29, that was just his second year as a starter, and that rotation looks pretty thin.

That said, what should Harrison's prognosis be?

Give that his pre-back surgery arm problems were more shoulder than elbow, I wonder if he already had a bit of something in his back, and the shoulder was compensation? The thoracic outlet surgery, in addition to the back surgeries, might indicate that. And, in that case, maybe it's time for Jon Daniels to just write him off?

And, does Daniels make any moves? Ervin Santana's still out there in free agent world, though a lot of Rangers fans might shudder at the idea of him pitching in a gopher ball place like The Ballpark of Lame-Ass Corporate Renamings. Or, there's trading from the prospect pool to the Cubbies for Jeff Samardzija, if you will.

Most prognosticators are pegging the Rangers at around 9-10 among all 30 teams, and "in the mix" for the AL West title with the A's, and a an Angels team expected to improve from last year but still finish out of the money.

Oliver sudden, I'd revise those thoughts, or at least put them on hold, you know?

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